What is Pashmina?

Cashmere is the most luxurious, softest, warmest and lightest natural fibre in the world, and comes from the capra-hircus goat. the name derives from an ancient spelling of kashmir. the goat (capra hirus laniger) belongs to the subfamily caprinae of the family boivdae. the goats have a double fleece consisting of the much finer, soft under coat of hair…..

Women Center

Tomato’s has been working with destitute women by training them making handicrafts and opportunities for them to work with us under the small project of our name Aasha Ghar, Women Center (House of Hopes) and make a modest living as well as supporting their children. Most of the women we have are from rural villages from the Gorkha district and abandoned by their husbands and/or widows. Being single women not just make many women in Nepal harder to raise their children but also bring a lot of social stigma and exclusion. we have trained so far more than 100 women in the last 3 years on knitting, crocheting, embroidery, stitching and now we have 12 women working at tomato’s rest of the other women got the job in other handicraft making centers. A small margin from the sales of our product goes to a clinic in gaikhur village which supports poor children and women for free medical check-ups and medicine.



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