About Us

Tomato’s pashmina is a small manufacturing company run by a couple Mr Bhishma Jee Panta and Mrs Shophy Panta. Its been 16 years of journey for both of them as a life partner and business partner.

After completing education from abroad Mr Panta who returned Nepal, started working for non profit organization for his village women along with one foreigner, his financial. Than he was married to a girl, who was from Kathmandu only. After having problem with his financier each month, Mr Panta decided to quit the job. As newly married was thinking of doing something, at same time Mary Purcell from USA encourage him to start his business of his own also Meryl Dowman from Uk. since 2004, Mr and Mrs Panta have been running their business. Starting with single women Janhvi, in their team, it turned to 20 women’s and trained more than 100 women. on today’s date, they have machine knit and handknit group with men and women in team.

Tomato’s was established with only 3 clients, (crumpet England, UK; Rebecca Purcell,USA and estella, USA) and five working ladies a women center, but in this 16 years journey and the most important recommendation from Mary Purcell of Estella has given us an opportunity to gain more and more buyer. From small women center we are now tomato’s pashmina as a group which produces all kind of cashmere or pashmina items either from machine or from hand. So we and our team would like to thank all our valuable clients for their recommendation, thank you so much.

Tomato’s being a small company which has given us the time to pay attention to the things that’s matter, the clothes, workers and our valuable clients. Tomato’s manufactures initiate every individual from the under privileged society to the trained in the quality production of cashmere so as to anticipate the needs of the customers.